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Garage conversions and home extensions. Newly made bedroom.


Garage Conversions and Home Extensions from Start to Finish

Improve your Home with a Home Renovation or Conversion


If you are looking to modernise your house, we provide a range of services to help you increase the value of your property, with a refurbishment, renovation or garage conversion. Drawing on decades of experience we can carry out all of the work on your home from start to finish, at a rate that is transparent and at minimal disturbance to you. At Odyssey we take care of everything, from the plans to the implementation, leaving you free to relax. For further details about garage conversions and home extensions, please contact us.

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Save Time and Money


If you need more room in your home, you may have thought about moving to a bigger house. If you and your family are in a great location or have strong ties to the area, you may not want to do this. With a renovation or extension, you can add much needed room for you and your family, and this is normally far cheaper than purchasing a new home. This is not to mention the hassle and stress of finding a new home, moving to it and decorating it when you finally move in.

How You Want it


When you are choosing to change your home, the great thing is that you are the designer. Most people rarely get the chance to design and build a home from scratch – when you are choosing to renovate your basement or build a conversion, you are the boss, so you can decide exactly how it will look. The colours, the architecture and the style are all up to you. At Odyssey we will work together to turn your dream plans into a reality, which you and your family will enjoy well into the future.

Increased Value


Another upshot of increasing space in your home is that you will certainly grow the value of your home. If you add an extra room and functionality to your house, this will definitely make it a more attractive asset.

We will provide essential help and advice during the initial plans so that any changes are not cosmetic and will really increase the desirability of your property.




Home Extensions


We have many years of experience providing a number of solutions that perfectly compliment your home. At Odyssey, we take care of all aspects of the work. After providing you with a quote and discussing your proposals, we will work with project managers and designers to create designs, planning permissions and structural designs. Once these are finalized, we will undertake all aspects of the building work and interior decoration, so that you are free to enjoy your new home. When our work is complete, your property will be more comfortable, spacious and valuable.

garage conversions and home extensions. Newly finished rear extension.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Rear extension viewed from outside.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Back garden view from new extension.


At Odyssey, we can take care of:

 Architectural Drawings

We will provide you with detailed designs to turn your ideas into a coherent and feasible plan. We can draw upon decades of experience to assist and advise you on what is possible and within your budgetary constraints.

Planning Applications

We can manage the planning application so you can envision what your home will look like, and plan the materials that you wish to use. We will utilise our knowledge to provide guidance on the best materials to maximise your budget.

Building Work

Our expertise and knowledge has been developed through many years working on a number of homes covering home extensions, remodelling and conversions. Our dedicated project managers ensure that developments are under budget and always of a high quality.

Interior Work

In addition to all building work, our expert team can undertake all specified interior decorations to leave your property perfect and ready to use.


We have experience in building:

Single Storeys

A single room that is added to your home.


A two layered extension that normally requires planning permission.

Over Structures

A room that is built atop another room, such as a garage.


Sun Rooms

This is like a conservatory but with more brickwork.

Loft Extensions

The space just under your roof.

Basement Extensions

Extra room below your home.


For more information about garage conversions and home extensions, please get in touch.

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If you are looking to give your home a new lease of life - refurbishing a home is a great way to do that. We can turn your plans into a reality and take care of every detail of the building work. We can be the single point of contact, and this is far less stressful than dealing with multiple painters, decorators and electrician. Our dedicated team of project managers, architects and builders can transform your home leaving you with a property that is more valuable, energy-efficient and comfortable.

Our expertise and knowledge covers:

  • Management - Planning, project management and planning applications.
  • Electrics - Rewiring, lighting and smart system installation.
  • Flooring - Tiling, wood flooring and concrete flooring.

  • Construction - Brickwork, rendering and underpinning.
  • Carpentry - Kitchens, staircases and door installation.
  • Plumbing - Central heating installation, bathrooms and kitchens.

Please get in touch for more information about how we can help renovate your home.

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Garage conversions and home extensions. Refurbishment of room.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Refurbished kitchen.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Refurbished bathroom.



Garage Conversions

At Odyssey we provide home extensions and garage conversions, to transform your garage into another bedroom, dining room or kitchen. We provide a complete service and we take care of all of the building work from the plastering, to the flooring to the electrical work. As we do not subcontract our work, you know that you will always receive top quality workmanship.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Convert a garage.



New Builds

We have worked in conjunction with many large-scale construction companies in the development of multiple housing estates, and we have also completed the building of single buildings from the ground up. Whether you are a developer looking to create multiple properties or you are a property owner hoping to build on your land, at Odyssey we will be able to successfully carry your project through to completion.

Garage conversions and home extensions. New build home roof.



Insurance Repairs

We have a sister company – Concept Building Solutions, who are well experienced in dealing with insurance providers and loss adjusters. We frequently submit the necessary information to insurers for the benefit of policy holders so that policy repairs can be processed. We also undertake the repair work to fix the damage.

We are FCA compliant, which means that if the policyholder signs a mandate we can liaise with the insurer and negotiate with the loss adjuster. Our professionalism and reliability mean that you can rest assured, should you wish us to become the point of contact when it comes to the insurance work.


Garage conversions and home extensions. Insurance repairs. Repair cement step.




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