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Garage conversions and home extensions. Converting a home into a business office.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Refurbish a restaurant.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Commercial new build site.

Garage conversions and home extensions. Commercial new build balcony.



Building Conversions and New Builds

Decades of Experience in the Commercial Sector


At Odyssey we have worked on a number of major projects and small builds, and have the experience and knowledge to complete your project to the highest of standards. Whether you are looking for specialists in construction or project management, we can provide tailor made services or comprehensive solutions depending on the nature of the project and your needs.

During the build we can undertake all of the brickwork, carpentry, carpeting, decorating, electrical, flooring, guttering, paving, plastering, plumbing, pointing, rendering, roofing and tiling work. We also can work effectively with architects, contractors, project managers, sub-contractors and surveyors to ensure the project proceeds smoothly and is within budget and timeframes.

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Commercial build project. Garage conversions and home extensions.

Aerial view of commercial new build. Garage conversions and home extensions.

New Builds


We regularly work together with developers in creating a range of innovative and exciting new commercial builds. Our experience in this sector means we understand the importance of effectively working with stakeholders, engineers and designers to so that the project always finishes within the allocated time.

Over the years we have helped to complete:

  • Care homes
  • Hotels
  • Housing developments
  • Restaurants
  • Offices




Homes converted into store fronts. Garage conversions and home extensions.



Ensuring that conversions are financially viable means employing a building contractor who will work quickly to transform the property, so that developers, investors and stakeholders are totally satisfied. We understand the relevant regulations and laws, and work efficiently to carry out your plans to the letter.

We have experience of converting:

  • Offices to hotels
  • Churches to homes
  • Houses to flats



Project management. Controlled demolition. Commercial projects.

Project management. Controlled demolition. Commercial projects. Foundation being prepped.

Project Management


Whatever type of project we work on, you will always benefit from the services of our project manager. With one of our dedicated project managers always on site, you will have an effective channel of communication. Project managers can liaise with you to maintain a continuous and reliable response should you have any feedback, changes and alterations to make on the development.

Our project managers have decades of experience and are proficient in creating budgets, generating work schedules and really streamlining the whole build process. This allows specialists to focus on their tasks, improves communication with all stakeholders and generates maximum efficiency.

Many developers utilise our project managers to ensure that projects hit their targets, within timescales and are of the highest quality.




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